Healing and deliverance is for believers to be more joyful, more powerful, and more effective in every area of their lives.  Healing and deliverance releases individuals from spiritual bondage, enabling them to take their spiritual authority for the advancement for the Kingdom of God.


The purpose of the ministry is to guide believers in a practical way to receive healing that leads to wholeness.  Many experience blockages, bondages, and strongholds that inhibits spiritual growth and prevents many from leading an effective life. HEART effectively helps to defuse time bombs of strongholds by allowing the Holy Spirit to identify the lies that need to be exposed and the memoires that need to be healed.

Ministry Scope:
It is time for believers to take their God-given authority and be the men and women of God we were purposed to be.

Believers can be more joyful, more powerful, and more effective in every area of their lives if they continue to use prayers for regular self-examination, cleansing, and dedication.

Your heart contains a spirit.  For the Christian this spirit has been joined to the Holy Spirit in reality, his innermost being is joined to almighty God through the miracle of grace.

We are dealing with divine powerful and spiritual energies within our hearts, souls, and minds and bodies.  These energies respond to certain biblical laws and certain prayer approaches.  Demonic sin energies are connected with the curse, satan, and the work of demons.  Positive energies are connected to the anointing, blessing and power of the Spirit of the Almighty God.

Discover seven powerful prayers that release healing in any heart issues you may be facing. Examples of heart issues are anger, fear, abandonment, rejection, bitterness, perversion, failure, unbelief etc.

These seven prayers are:

  1. Breaking generational sins and curses.
  2. Severing ungodly soul ties.
  3. Replacing negative expectations/negative beliefs.
  4. Renouncing inner vows.
  5. Receiving divine pictures/visions.
  6. Breaking word curses.
  7. Casting out demons.

Each prayer will include a confession, forgiveness, and an action.

Ministry Background and Description:
This ministry birthed out as a result of a class “Prayers that Heal the Heart”, required for my Doctrinal Program at Christian Leadership University.  By Mark and Patti Virkler.  Using this method integrating all the prayers together, is the most intense and complete deliverance I have ever experienced. I personally experienced healing as I walked through the process and knew that this was something that I wanted all believers to experience. This is prayer counseling that breaks every yoke.

These H.E.A.R.T. sessions are offered three times a year and upon request. Registration for sessions is $25.00 which includes materials.

Overview of Sessions:
Information is given about each of these sin energies and how to pray over them.  Then attendees spend time filling in the prayers. For some of the prayers, more time is spent on some prayers then on others.  Once attendees have completed the prayers, and all questions have been answered, we will then pray through each of them.

A number of the prayers are simple or familiar to many and there are a number of prayers that are unfamiliar and things will get intense.  To receive and learn how to continue this process, participants will have to apply what they will receive.  Complete healing and freedom occurs and individuals learn how to administer the prayers for healing themselves while going through the sessions.  Not only are they healed, delivered, and free, they can take it with them and share with family, friends, church and ministries.

Let me stress the importance of attending both sessions because they build upon each other.  One session would take way too long and dragging it out for too long would lose its effectiveness.

Session Options
There are 3 ways to experience HEART and Deliverance:

  1. Attend a heart healing session (offered quarterly).
  2. Host a Session. Those with ministries, churches, groups and or family, the team will travel to you.
  3. One on one healings sessions – this is offered for a nominal donation.
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